Our registration fee schedule for 2019 below:

FIVE 2014 $125
SIX 2013 $125
SEVEN 2012 $125
EIGHT 2011 $125
NINE 2010 $125
TEN 2009 $145
ELEVEN 2008 $145
TWELVE 2007 $210
THIRTEEN 2006 $210
FOURTEEN 2005 $210
FIFTEEN 2004 $210
SIXTEEN 2003 $210
SEVENTEEN 2002 $260
EIGHTEEN 2001 $260
ALL AGED STUDENT Full time Uni or TAFE $265
ALL AGED FEMALE 2000  or Before $350
ALL AGED MALE 2000  or Before $350


  • For CSU Students to be entitled to their student discount, their fees must be paid by 31st March – otherwise it will raise to 300. No Exceptions.
  • You register in the age group you turn in that calendar year, i.e. If you turn 8 this year you register in Under 8 even if you play up a grade. If you are fifteen playing in a senior team you only pay your age group fee!
  • The registration fee does not include shorts or socks. These are an additional cost purchased from the club unless you already have them. Socks – $15. Shorts – $30 available at Sportsmans Warehouse.
  • Registration days are on Sunday 24th February and Saturday 2nd March 2018 at the Sportsmans Warehouse 1pm till 3:30pm both days.
  • The registration fee, plus short and sock fees can now all be paid online.
  • Club playing strip (top supplied by club but not to keep).
  • Football boots and shin guards are also compulsory uniform for all grades.
  • Competition grades twelve upwards are more expensive due to cost of referees.
  • No ambulance cover in the registration.
  • Match balls, coaching, eighteen home and away games presentation trophy for all players up to and including sixteens are ¬†included in registration fees.